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Her Majesty's Army Navy Veterans' Society was incorporated on October 5 1889

Mission was to provide affordable safe activities and social services to Veterans and their families.


A Constitution was drawn up and officer elected. The first President William Rolston , had seen active duty in the Crimean War and had lost a foot in Battle of Alma.

Vice President John Dow served his apprenticeship  on Lord Nelson's Victory Ship. He also served in the Crimean War, as did Alfred Ram who was Treasure, and Tomas Baxter the Secretary.Sentinel was Sergeant Henry Campbell who served with York Rifles  in Ridgeway during the Fenian Raid .

      1989 Executive & Officers

  • Frank Jaggard (Marshall)
  • Frank Soar (Sentry)
  • Vince Cutcher (Auditor) 
  • Ray Gushie (Auditor) 
  • Lewis Rayner (Executive) 
  • Jack Butler( Executive)
  • Joe Daultrey (Executive)
  • Joe Lavigne (Ch.Ent.)
  • Padre Art Watson
  • Jim Backer (Chrman, Sick Comm.)
  • Larry Grice (Dep. Marshall)
  • Jim Chalmers(Treasure)
  • Bob Moses (Secretary)
  • Alf Collingwood (Past President)
  • Howard Goldrup ( Present President)
  • Cliff Booth ( Vice President)
  • Gord Norton ( Financial Secretary)




Her Majesty's Army & Navy Society is a non profit                 organization